Grand Rapids Brewery Tours

Cheers fellow craft beer drinkers and welcome to our custom brewery tour page. If you like craft brews like I do, the only thing better than experiencing some awesome breweries with your friends is experiencing them safely and conveniently. If you like New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, my personal favorite, the BOB’s Hopson or Schmoz’ Hopknocker we can take you there without breaking the bank. We have compiled a list of breweries that have kindly shared some information about what they offer to Patrons visiting their establishments i.e. guided beer tours, snacks/food, etc. If you do not find your preferred brewery on the list, please fill it in the comment section and we will custom build your craft beer tour. Keep in mind that many breweries have limited capacity to serve large groups, so like a wise monk (probably) once said: Always give your Monastery advance notice!!! As you are filling out the form and figuring out how much time to spend or beer to try at each location, also keep in mind travel and check out times, etc. By the way, the general rule of thumb is 3-4 breweries per beer tour. Too many breweries leads to too many problems and the breweries don’t appreciate being the last watering hole on the list and probably won’t let you in. A brewery that offers food is a sound choice for the second or third stop. If you have any questions about this form, just send us an email through our contact us section or include in the comment section below.

Peter D. Woodhouse